– Hack clients or unfair mods / texture packs are not allowed.

– Avoiding bans will lead to longer bans.

– Racism is not allowed.

– All bugs that make the game easier or are bad for the server are prohibited.

– Any kind of Bullying is not allowed.

– Don’t provoke or prompt others to useless fights.

– Treat other people respectfully.

– Don’t spam (including msg)

– Don’t advertise other discord servers (the FlexPlex discord can be linked with address

– Don’t send any suspicious links to the servers chat.

– You’re allowed to advertise your own social media accounts. But don’t spam or advertise too often.

– Grieffing is not allowed in any shape. (even if some chest/area isn’t protected, it doesn’t mean you can destroy / steal / kill animals)

– Claiming other players buildings isn’t allowed without the players permission.

– Ruining the terrain with 1×1 towers, lava, water, or anything else isn’t allowed. however these wont lead to any kind of punishment if it isn’t frequent and doesn’t cause more work for the operators.

– Have fun! 🙂